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Entertainment, dining, and leisure components, plus the latest technology, are now crucial to making these centers a regular part of customers' lives. The white flight from cities during the 1960s and '70s assured a customer base (and further isolated those left behind in city centers). Some parking spaces it is true are not economically used, due to their distant location from the stores. Other parts of the lot have been turned into energy-efficient apartments, senior housing, a medical center, more retail space, and a bioswale that keeps runoff from the nearby creek away.

Every shopping center that we know of has a supermarket (a large retail grocery) in it, and the supermarket is either the largest traffic generator of the shopping center, or is secondary only to a department store in the center. Shopping centers need to be about place, experience, and convenience,” says David Chilinski, AIA, Partner with architectural firm Prellwitz Chilinski Associates.

The values centers, not to be confused with value centers (i.e. discount), are hyper-curated centers specializing in related retail businesses and services, reflecting the values and preferences of the surrounding community.” These values centers are anchored by an idea, or concept, not a major retailer.

Janek has got more than ten years of experiences in retail business. The innovation centers will combine high-tech with high-touch to create futuristic customer engagement spaces. These sort of community malls have finally become true third places, where people can gather and spend money.

If you've ever perched on Santa's knee at your local mall, there's a good chance he was a graduate of Santa University, run by Noerr Programs Corporation , an events company that trains and distributes Santas Commercial Lease Brisbane to more than 278 major malls and shopping centers across the country.